fun little project!

so nikki came over yesterday to show off her little rolodex project and of course it got me inspired! you just have to pretend i actually own a rolodex and that all the pages are in it. lol! i got a little ahead of myself and made the pages before i bought the holder. i'm giving this to paul for his desk at work. it was fun and quick to make and hopefully with my picture on the front will remind that cute little office manager at his office that he's taken. haha! you can click on the pic to see it bigger. almost everything i used is lil davis. :) needless to say, i'll be going to the store today to pick up a rolodex and dropping this off at his office.

went tubing on saturday. ummm, arms aching, shoulders burning. owie. tubing was NOT fun to me. the kids love it. me, not so much. i don't get what's fun about being SLAMMED into the water again and again until you finally give up and let go, only to aspirate half the lake. not my idea of a good time. i'd rather sit on the dock with a corona and watch the kids doing cartwheels across the water. let's face it, i'm getting old, man.

i'm totally stoked that once school starts, i'll be joining a gym!! i'm going to get back into lifting. i miss it, bad. so me, cath and jean will be hitting denali gym a few times a week! i know having someone to go with will keep me motivated.

alrighty, i promised myself i'd get another rolodex done today for paul's mom. so i'd better get my poop in a pile (love that, kori!) and get at it.


Kori said...

OH! lordy, this is cute! love it!
how fun....sure wish i could have been there! bet you girls had a great time! i may have to whip jr. up one of these here deals!

Missy said...

that's adorable! I love it.