our offer was rejected on the lot we looked at, so paul is pretty bummed. but i'm convinced the 'perfect' place is still out there. we just want something to put a cabin on someday, somewhere quiet, out of the way, but not impossible to get into. anyway, the search continues.

so, anyone seen my mojo? much as i try, i cannot get my scrap on lately. ugh!! the two layouts i did last week just tapped me slap out. it's like i can't switch gears from product development to scrapping. i look at my stuff and think 'i can't use that old stuff'. maybe i need a little retail therapy? haha speaking of...

i'm shopping with irene and heather this weekend! we're going out for lunch and hitting the scrap stores and just having a girls day. SO looking forward to it. i'll post pics if i score any new goodies.

of a little concern...my sweet, shy, anxiety-ridden daughter is pulling her hair out...literally. i was tucking maggie into bed two nights ago and gasped out loud at the HUGE bald spot on the top of her head!! i mean, this thing is the size of a silver dollar, at LEAST. sage pipes up and says maggie's been pulling her hair out in clumps. yikes!! and if you've seen maggie's hair, you know how incredibly thick it is, so she's really working at it. so now i'm finding little bundles of hair tucked behind the couch, behind her seat in the van, in the bathroom garbage. i think she's stressing WAY out about the school switch. i knew she didn't want to change schools...we'd talked about it...we'll, i talked, she cried. but i had no idea it was bothering her that much. so of course i'm feeling like mother of the year...not so much. but then she came to me last night and said 'mom, i thought about what you said and i'll give the new school a try'. it's like she has to go to the MOST extreme lengths to voice her opinion...then she does a complete 180° turn. geez. i hate to think what she's going to be like as a teen.

i'll close with emily's blog for you to enjoy. scroll down and take a look at her 'my creations' link. wow.

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