readin', registration, and hmmm, can't think of a 3rd r word...

so i'm getting really stoked for school to start! registration is tomorrow night...can't wait to meet the teachers. sam has mrs. c. (wife of famed dogsled racer martin buser) and the girls have mrs. brady. rumor is mrs. brady is very no-nonsense...my kinda woman!

just realized i haven't taken any pics of the new haircolor. we haven't had an ounce of sunshine in days, so it'll have to wait. i love, love, love what she did. she used about 7 different colors...kinda fades up from espresso to chocolate, with blonde and red highlights. so stylin'. :)

got my copy of adobe classroom in a book for illustrator yesterday. um, yeah. holy hannah. i'll be reading till my eyes fall out. can't wait to learn the program, though. i think it'll be exactly what i need to produce the kinds of stuff floating around in my head (there's a scary thought!).

k, no pics for today. so if you read along this far, thanks. :)

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Alexandra Wieckowski said...

Your hair sounds wicked! I can't wait to see a pic! Take one, take one!!!