shoe shopping!

what an awesome morning! i love waking up to coffee already made and plans for the day. we'll be shopping for a trailer big enough to hold 2 atv's or 2 snowmachines and a snow trailer. lordy, when i think about the HUGE production it will be to haul all our crap AND all the kids/dog/food etc. to the property every weekend...yikes. but totally worth the effort. :)

scored the CUTEST stinkin' shoes yesterday...at WalMart, of all places! super comfy. maggie thinks they're ugly...heehee. paul officially thinks i'm crazy for taking pictures of my shoes.

i'm getting so excited for vegas!! i've never been there...just how hot is it there in october?

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~sharon said...

OK, I just tried my best to draw these shoes and describe them so I can remember to check if MY Walmart carries them. If so, they're mine!! LOve 'em!