why is it so hard??

school started today. kindergarten for sam. third grade for maggie. fifth for sage. maggie was pretty anxious when i left her at her classroom door. sam was tugging on me, trying to hurry me up to his class, so i barely had time to tell the girls goodbye. maggie refused to look at me, or even kiss me goodbye. she fought back the tears, but i think she lost that battle inside her class. i asked the secretary to check on her in a little while and she said her little face was pretty pink from crying, but that she was OK. ugh. why is my stomach in knots?? i know she'll be fine. but i just feel like it's ME going through it all over again.

no pictures of the girls. they're too big for that, afterall. sheesh, mom. lol but here's sam, doing that funny eye thing where he avoids looking directly at the camera. (click on the pictures to view them full-size) and a couple in his classroom, with his "learning buddy" showing him around the classroom. this little girl was an absolute DOLL. and writing his name and drawing a picture. he drew himself and a cheetah, complete with spots. cute!

when i left today, sam was playing in the gym with a girl he'd gone to preschool with. i'm so excited to see how much he learns this year. just recently he's taken an interest in being read to and loves civil war stories, pioneer and indian stories and anything weapons/war related. we've been reading the story of samuel colt's (inventor of the colt revolver) life to him at bedtime and it holds his interest for an hour or more. so he's come a long way! maggie and sage have been reading tons over the summer, so i have no worries that they'll continue to read far beyond their grade level. we've practiced keyboarding at home a little, since they each work at their own computer at school. maggie has the fingers for it. lol

i'm volunteering in sam's room every tuesday morning. i love the atmosphere there. mrc. c. plays very soothing instrumental music, and the whole room seems very calm and peaceful. let's home some of that rubs off on sam. lol

well, i actually feel a little better, having typed all that out. this blog thing really has its benefits. :)

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Heather D. White said...

I can't even imagine what you went through today. I cried the first day my little guy started preschool a few weeks ago. Not sure how I will handle Kindergarten....let alone 5th GRADE!!! I am sure that as time goes my, that Maggie will love her new class, that all of them will meet new friends and learn awesome things and that mom will be okay too!!! ((((HUGS for MOM TODAY!!!!)))