Oh my gosh!

I was just at a website where I have some of my older layouts posted and came across this. It just makes me smile. I guess I should take a look at my albums once in a while, huh? How many of you scrap your pages, put them in the book, then don't ever look at them? I have a shelf right here next to my desk with 16 12x12 albums crammed FULL of pages, yet I rarely take them out and enjoy them. I have another 200+ pages in bins in my scraproom that I haven't even put in albums yet. But all it takes is one glimpse at an old memory, like this one of my goofy son acting all cool, and I remember WHY I spend the time I do putting the pages together. I just need to take a little time now and then to ENJOY them. :)

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Jamie K said...

love these pictures! ROCK ON!!!