What in the world?!

I must have hit the turbo post button by accident. haha!! Forgive my fast fingers, please.

So I'm SO happy it's Friday! Today Sam has his Family Album presentation at school. He gets to bring objects, pictures, etc. that represent what his family means to him. He made some interesting choices. He picked out GI Joes to represent Paul and Stevan, Sage's riding helmet, Maggie's cast from her broken arm. Notice anything missing? I said "do you have a mom?" He looked at me so funny. I said "what could you take to represent me?" to which he answered "duh, Mom. Scrapbook stuff." So I dug out the very first issue of Simple Scrapbooks from Feb. 2002 and showed him the layout of him that was published. He was SO stoked! Just couldn't believe he was in a magazine. haha So, mom's pretty cool afterall.

OK, gotta get my kiddos to school. I have a mean itch to scrap today! Digging through pictures for Sam last night inspired me to do some layouts.

Before I go, you have to go check out this Tia B layout. It is speaking to me, man. It's saying "scraplift me". :)

Have a fabulous Friday!!

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Kori said...

omg...only sam would haul and old cast to school...ha ha too funny!
get to scrappin' girl! sounds like fun. i just cleaned up my explossion from yesterday. would you believe i posted again :) hee hee that lo of tia's is super cute!!! right up our alley! ps. sent box tues! be on the look out. have a good wk. end...k