Hair day...

Well, I ended up with the same stinkin' hairstyle I've had for the past 2+ years now. lol! And I have to wait till next week for the color, since they didn't book enough time for it today. Eh, it's OK. It's not that I hate the style. Just was ready for a change. So maybe the change will come in the way of a new color? We'll see.

ACK! I just realized how grundgy my copper range hood looks in that second picture!! Yikes. Hmmm, maybe I'll just call it a patina. lol

OK, I'm off to go play in my scrap room...have a great Thursday!

Edited: OMG. Do I need some lipstick or what?! Sheesh.

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Kori said...

yup, this is the cut! love it! super cute on you! maybe the highlights or color will spruce it up a bit and you'll then love it too! :)