It's Spring!!

But you wouldn't know it by the looks of things outside! We woke up to 10" of fresh powder yesterday. Don't get me wrong, it's gorgeous. Much prettier than the icky, muddy ground peeking through the leftover ice. But I'm ready for Spring to get here.

Mom moves into the new home tomorrow. So I'll spend the day getting her settled in and helping her get to know the other residents. Then it's out to dinner at La Fiesta with the family for dinner. :)

Once things are settled down, I will start looking for work again and get back to designing product. I miss it! Imiss working, designing, brainstorming product ideas. I just need life to slow down enough that I can fit that in again and make it a priority.

Have a super day! Do something Springy today, like go shopping for sandals, or clean out a closet. :)

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Kori said...

oh that darn closet! ha ha their always last on the list and last to get done! that's the good thing about "them" having doors! :)
so glad your mom is going someplace nice and safe. what a relief for you!