Catching Up...

Man, that's the theme of my life these days! I don't feel like I'll ever be truly "caught up" again. I look around and realize I've really been absent from MY life for the last 8 months or so. I was so focused on my Mom and her care that I've really missed out on lots of stuff going on here in my home. But you now what? My husband and kids managed pretty damn well without me. Too well, if you ask me! That man is amazing. And I thank God everyday that he led us to each other.

So I'm jumping into my Arbonne business full-swing this week. I have a presentation Wednesday. SO excited! Their vitamin supplements ROCK. Love them. And the anti-aging line? Stinkin' amazing. You'll probably hear me going on and on about this, but I tend to do that when I believe in something so strongly. They truly focus on beauty from the INSIDE out. Love that.

It's finally getting nice here this Spring! We hit 70 yesterday! We have 4 massive hills of topsoil in our yard waiting to be spread so we can plant a lawn. Yippee!!

Sunday we had a celebration of life day for my Mom. We took her ashes to Beluga Point on the Turnagain Arm and poured them into the ocean. I think it was the perfect way for the kids to say goodbye to her. No sad funeral...they always scared me as a kid. Just a pretty day, outside, looking at the mountains, hearing the ocean, watching the Dall Sheep climbing the rock cliffs. Maggie picked some flowers and threw them into the water "to be with Grandma". Sam wanted to know if Grandma was with the whales. I hope it's a good memory for them.

I haven't touched my scrapbook stuff in so long...I'm really itching to get back to it! Once I can find my desk, that is. What a mess.

Where to start??

Have a great week!

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Kori said...

oh michelle....so glad you're posting again :) love how you honored your mom...what a perfect place to be...i can picture it now...and i miss it so! i definately think she's swimming with the whales....
looking forward to getting some samples & trying some new product!