Monday Stuff...

Happy Monday! Here's that darn layout that's been sitting on my desk forever. I'm happy with it, after all that fretting about it. I'm scrapping some older pictures, and am almost up to date! The paper is a newer Basic Gray, the chipboard letters are Lil Davis and the rub on is part of my Urban Camo line of titles.

Sam starts wrestling tonight. It's a 2-week clinic at the local high school. He's beyond excited! I'm a little nervous...the kid gets his feelings hurt SO easily...I hope it boosts his confidence, and doesn't undermine it.

The birds are back to egg-sitting, although I'm not sure any of them are still viable. We should know in another few days.

Memory Trends is happening as I type...I sure miss the excitement of the trade shows! But I don't miss the blistered heels. lol

Have a great week!

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