Crazy Mom Day...

This is one of those layouts that sat "unwritten" for a couple months. I finally got around to journaling on it yesterday. The story is just too funny to leave out.

Just got back from the gym and made the mistake of getting on the scale. I keep gaining and losing the same damn 2 lbs. Grrrr. Everyone keeps saying "it's muscle". Yeah, OK. I'll believe that when I see it. I've been working out faithfully, 5 x a week. Three days of strength training and two of cardio. I want to see the scale move! And NOT up! OK, enough about that. A week from today is weigh/measure day. If my body fat has gone down some, I'll be happy.

OK, I'm off to clean up my scrappy mess from the weekend, switch over the laundry, tidy up the house and probably go mess up my scrappin' table again. :)

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Cammeron said...

Super fun layout!