February...the month of loooooove.

January FLEW by! I love this time of year...I get so fired up to make changes. I've decided to need to go to work. I'm still on-call at the assisted living home, but I need a more regular schedule. So I'm on a job hunt. I've gone on a couple interviews, and passed on one offer because of the schedule. I have a feeling it won't be easy finding those "optimal" hours of 9am to 3pm, when the kids are in school. But I'm still hopeful. I'd forgotten how nervewracking interviewing can be! I'd rather have a root canal. lol

I joined Curves gym. I think I'm more likely to get this weight off if I'm accountable to someone with a tape measure every month. ;)

I went to an all-day crop at my friend Heather's store, Scrap Shack. I got 10 layouts done! A record for me. Usually all I do is chat and eat when I go to those things. Most of them were pretty quick and easy, like this one. Maggie and Sam were 6 and 4 in this picture. I love Maggie's expression...that's so her.

So it's February and that means it's time to make Valentines! This has to be one of my favorite times of year for paper crafts. So I'm on the search for fun ideas for the kids to make for their classroom exchanges.

I guess this post was sort of random and disjointed, huh? Kinda like my life these days. haha I feel like I'm going in a million different directions...it always happens when I start making changes. And it's OK. Change is GOOD!

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Kori said...

wow, 10 layouts! pretty darn good! i'd get one done if i was lucky! good luck w/ curves! love that expression on maggie's face.. cute layout.... (ps. about time ya posted again! :)