Distracted Cleaning...

I was at Layle's blog earlier today and her cleaning challenge inspired me! I actually went to my craftroom with every intention of clearing out my "scraps & leftovers" box that's been accumulating for months. But I got sucked in by this silly picture I found of the kids doing Tae Bo at my friend Erica's house. This was actually 2002...look how little Sam was! Love how into it they are. heehee Anyway, I used up a few scraps and misc. items I had lying around, so in a way, I did clear out some of the box. The coaster mini-album was all scraps & leftovers, too, so the box oughta be a lot emptier than it is.

To the left, to the left...everything you own in a box to the left.

Why does that remind me of my desk?

OK, back to scrapping, er, cleaning.

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Kori said...

cute layout...love the mini albumn down there.... i had to laugh when i came to the song, "to the left to the left"....kati says, "toot it up toot it up"..... too funny!