Lance Mackey won the Iditarod last night! We're so excited for him and his family. Lance's mom was Sam's preschool teacher. :) Martin finished a very respectable fourth place. I can't wait to see the news commentaries on it. The mushers tell the best stories!

Congratulations again to Kori for moving on to the next round of the MM Idol contest!! Go Kori! Her project was so stinkin' cool. So now she's on to the next challenge, and we can vote on that on Monday. Put it on your calendar!

It's -10° this morning...and it's really bumming me out. The kids don't even want to go outside and play, which is making for a very "boring" Spring break for them. I have to agree. We did go to the library yesterday to get out of the house for awhile. Sam checked out "How to be a Pirate". Too cute. Maggie chose a couple dinosaur reference books and Sage got several drangon-y, fantasy books. She's already finished one. Sheesh. The girl can read.

Nothing scrappy happening this week. I'm making the kids some pj pants. The girls picked out the cutest pink skull flannel...I'll have to take a pic later when the sun is up. And Sam got a karate pattern. It's hard to find "manly" flannel these days. haha

I'm thinking I might tackle our taxes today. One of my least favorite things to do. Yuck, yuck, yuck!! Wish me luck!

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RitasCottage said...

oh i'm with you on the "too cold" outside thing. we are getting dumped on as I type with 12-24" of MORE snow. blecko.... can't wait for spring. I love the slideshow thing you have on your site with all your awesome layouts!