Green Acres

Sage would probably LOVE to have a llama for a mama. Last month she started an after-school job working at a llama farm. She mucks out stalls, does landscaping, helped build a pen and gets to brush the ponies now and then. Mostly she shovels a whole lotta manure. Llama manure is a lot like moose poop (about 1" oval shaped pellets, for those of you who don't live near moose) but much stinkier.
This handsome fella is Bandito. Sage tells me he's a real sweetheart. He didn't look very pleased about having his picture taken though, so I just took her word for it, and moved on to the smaller, kinder-looking goats.
This little sweetie is Jubilee, a cashmere goat. This, ladies, is where those delicious sweaters come from. She gets to wear hers year-round.
This frisky dude is Junebug. What a ham. He kept sticking his nose right into the camera lens. It got to the point where I just held the camera up and pretended to take more pictures of him to satisfy his ego.
And here's Sage, doing what she does best. She really is in her element at this place. All the animals just love her, and form a big circle around her when she walks through the gate. At first I thought maybe it was that way whenever anyone walked in, but I sure didn't get that kind of reception.
This is Taco, the little pony. He sure is a cutie. Poor guy isn't feeling too well, though, and has been losing weight. Sage has gotten pretty attached to him, so I sure hope he gets better quick.

I can see this turning into a real problem, though, when she starts begging for ponies and llamas and goats. What a cool first job, though. :)

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Kori said...

so happy for sage! it's pretty cool to find a job she really enjoys at her age! :)