My vegetables are growing! OK, I cheated a little and started some from plants from the nursery, but for the most part, these were all started from seed inside last month. I'm so excited to see them this far along in MAY! We might actually be able to harvest some in Aug.! The growing season is SO short here that things rarely mature before Sept. I planted celery, broccoli, peas, beans, shallots, white onions, peppers, yellow and green zucchini (my favorite!) and cauliflower. If I can keep the moose away, we should have some yummy veggies this summer. :)
:( I'm BUMMED about the lawn, though. I got too anxious earlier this spring, and raked it way too soon. I killed a bunch of the tender new growth from last fall. :( Remember how I raked it into neat rows? Well, now those rows left stripes across the yard. (By the way, that's not garbage in the background. It's an archery target that I'm hoping Paul will move to the back yard). So I've overseeded it and have been watering every day, trying to repair the damage. The areas that are green, though, are doing really well.
I found this picture on my camera from the llama farm, and just had to share. How stinkin' cute are these guys? No wonder Sage loves working there so much. Jubilee, Junebug and Princess. Just chillin', wondering who the chick with the camera is. heehee
Look at mama chickadee! I'm thinking I'd like a moosehair bed...it looks pretty cozy! Can you believe there are ten eggs under that tiny bird? She doesn't mind having her picture taken at all, either. Pretty cool. They only sit on the eggs 10-12 days before they hatch, so we should have babies any day now!
I planted a pot of pansies and viola yesterday. What I wanted to share, though, was the round rock in the picture. Isn't that crazy? My brother-in-law worked at a gravel pit for awhile and found this one day. He brought it home and gave it to my mom. Think how many mountains that thing must have had to roll down to end up that perfectly round.
I am adding another perennial bed along the edge of the yard. Yesterday I lined it with rocks from around our property and today I'm going to add some topsoil and llama manure to it so it's ready to plant. I want to do all native plants and wildflowers in it...iris, goats beard, fern, forget-me-not, arctic poppy. My plan is to collect them over the summer from camping trips and hikes.

OK, just wanted to share a few pictures. :) We're not doing much this weekend. The girls went camping with friends, Paul's working on a new project with a buddy, then taking up a load of materials for the cabin tomorrow. I'll be playing in the dirt. :) Have a great holiday weekend.

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Kori said...

everything looks great. sorry to hear about the grass. seemed like a good idea at the time. ha i would love to have a veggie garden. just not real practical in our neighborhood. :) i really need to shoot you an e-mail....i've been in hiding lately...chat soon