Homer wedding recap

Oh my goodness, we had so much fun! One of the guys Paul works with got married in Homer on Saturday, so we drove down for the wedding and reception, and stayed the night at Land's End resort. The wedding was very nice...short, sweet and to the point. haha The bride was super nervous and giggled most of the way through it, and when the pastor accidentally asked her if she'd take Joey for her wife, we all thought she was going to lose it. It was a good tension breaker for her, though. Afterward, the reception was at the resort, which is so nice! We'd never been there before, and the kids had never stayed in a hotel, so I'm afraid now they'll expect an ocean-view suite all the time! I took oodles of pictures, but didn't get a single one of the bride or groom. So I'll share some of us.
Sage caught the bouquet, the stinker! I think she made lots of hopeful, single girls mad. haha
Maggie had a rough time at the reception at first. We went back to the room for a little bit so she could collect herself. I think the noise and crowd was just too overwhelming for her. At first I wanted her to tough it out, but as she sat at our table crying, I just couldn't see making her miserable. Anyway, after we came back, she was just fine, and actually even danced and had fun the rest of the night.

This was the deck off our suite.
Paul and Sam had SO much fun dancing. I swear, we could have watched Sam dance all night long. He was a maniac! He even got up the courage to ask a girl to dance...and she turned him down! I don't know who was more dissapointed, him or me. I told him she was probably just too nervous to dance with him, and that made him feel better.
Maggie got this picture from our deck. She thought it was so much fun to watch this photographer setting up his shots.
Another one from our room. The boats were zooming around the bay already at 5am.
The "naked lady" Sam asked me to get a picture of. heehee

Sam got to sleep in a Murphy bed. I wish I'd gotten some better pictures of him in his jacket. He looked so stinkin' handsome.
Maggie took this just before we left for the wedding. Nice chins. Ugh.
Sam used up about 4 of these disposable cameras they had out on the tables at the reception.
The big ship's wheel at the Chart House restaurant at the resort.
Sage and Maggie dancing at the reception. Look at the ocean view behind them. Nice!
We were all exhausted the next day for the 5 hour drive home, but it was so worth it. Thankfully Homer got rain while we were there, so the smoke from the wildfires wasn't so bad, and they were able to keep the fire from spreading towards more homes. Thirty cabins and homes have burned in the Caribou Hills fire near Homer, and one cabin was lost in the Susitna River fire near our property. Both fires are being controlled, but hundreds more acres are burning every day.
Have a great week!

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Kori said...

oh you guys look so good! the kids look so cute! so glad to hear you had a good time! gosh, those pict. bring back so many memories :)