Tote #2

Finished up another tote yesterday, and two more black and white aprons. So cute! There's something inherently sexy about an apron, I think, because Paul got all kinds of ideas when I put it on and asked him to take pictures for my blog. Sheesh. Can't he see I'm busy sewing? And no, I think I'll keep my clothes ON, thankyouverymuch.

I'm in love with the colors of this new tote. I almost can't bear to part with her! It is the same design as the first; reversible, heavy canvas fabric with six pockets to hold all kinds of scrapbook necesseties. For anyone local who's interested, they'll be for sale at The Scrap Shack on Swanson Ave. in Wasilla later this week, and my Etsy shop should be up and running tomorrow.

Time to go water the garden. Have a great Tuesday!


Kristin said...

Those bags are cute. Catelyn has been on a bag making kick. She started a bag trend at her school.
I like how big your bags seem.

Have a great summer.

scrapcat said...

i love the print!!
gorgeous bag!!!