I'm so incredibly sad to have to write that Bandito has to be put down. I've grown so attached to him in the short five months he's lived with us. I've always had a soft spot for him, because he's just so thin and frail, but such a character. He's the friendliest of the four llamas, always ready to have his neck rubbed or get a scratch behind the ears. He's the easiest to halter, and he is a great leader on our hikes. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, he's completely lost the use of his hind legs, and that's no way for a llama to live. He's been in our garage since Saturday, and has shown no improvement, so I had to make a very tough decision. Today will be our last day with him, and I plan to spend it feeding him all the grain he wants (his favorite thing in the world!) and scratching that silky soft fur behind his gigantic banana ears.


Kristin said...

Michelle, I am sorry to hear about Bandito. I know how hard it is.

hugs Kristin

Anonymous said...

Michelle, I am sad to hear the news, I am glad you took lots of photos.