Crafty Goodness

I spent yesterday hanging out with my favorite crafty girls. I didn't get nearly enough accomplished in the 8 hours I was there, but made up for it by having a blast and getting a good dose of crafting therapy.
I wish this layout photographed better. There's a cute little silver skull on the acrylic flower. We say all the time that Ty-Ty is the "Queen" of the herd. She's such a snooty girl. :)
I found this navy blue fabric journal at the thrift store for about a buck, I think, and knew right away I wanted to make a "Design Inspiration" journal out of it. The journal cards are from Little Pretty Studio by Jennifer Pebbles. They're part of a digital download called "Little Birdie Book".

Of course I couldn't use them for their intended purpose...do I ever?...which is to make her cute little envelope album with them. I used them as page tabs to divide my journal into home, garden, create, MBS (my Etsy stuff) and misc.

The inside will be mainly journaling, some photos and lots of magazine clippings and sketches.
I just hauled all my stuff back inside and unpacked, so I might as well go scrap some more!

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SugarShop (Dena Rooney-Berg) said...

Love your idea for the journal book. Hmmm I need to do something like that. Thanks for the inspiration!