Sage with "Ty-Ty" Tyea

I logged onto Bloglines this morning to find that almost every one of my 90-something subscriptions had new posts. It was like getting a stack of cards and letters from friends in the mail. :) I'm telling you, if you don't use Bloglines, you should! The convenience alone makes it worth taking a little time to set up, and as I find new blogs I like, I just add them to my list, so it's always fresh.

So that got me to thinking that the 4 happy souls who sub to my blog (Bloglines keeps you private, so I don't know who they are) probably would appreciate a "fresh" post now and then from me, since I've posted so scarcely lately.

It's gonna be random, I'm warning you. :)

We looking for another pack llama. Bandito and Tyea were the only two who packed, so now we need a companion for Ty-Ty to go on hikes with. It's so exciting to add another member to the herd! Wish us luck in finding a happy, healthy animal.

I culled my pants closet last night, after finally accepting the fact that I'll never be a size 6 again. The good thing? Sage can wear them now. Hard to believe I was that tiny just two short years ago.

I went thrifting yesterday and scored some totally fun thrifty goodness! Some gorgeous white ceramic canisters, 3 pairs of jeans-Abercrombie & Fitch, Lucky and Hurley, a green and white stoneware crock, a phonics set for Sam, 4 packs of math, time and money flashcards, and I picked up a glass plate and cup to make my own cake plate with. I'll post some pics later. I love, love, love to take a whole day and hit the thrift stores looking for "treasures".

On the scrappy front, I cleared out my "leftovers" bin and cleaned off my desk and am feeling very inspired to make something! I love that clean desk feeling. :)

Told ya it was gonna be random!

Have a great Friday. :)

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