Palmer Places

A little peek at what I'm working on this week. This is the "before", so don't be scared off by the hideous black paint job. I decided to move some things around in my craft room, and found the perfect spot to make a workstation for me. I scored the deal of the year on this piece...more about that later!

I wanted to share one of my favorite indulgences with you-Gladheart Acres products. When I had my scrapbook store, their children's consignment store was next door to me. They make soaps, lotions, candles and other smell-goods, and are just a wonderful, happy family. They've been in a couple locations since then, and run a booth at Saturday Market. Well, when I was in Palmer yesterday getting my hair done, I was thrilled to find out they have a storefront again, right on Main Street. I'm not actually sure it's called Main Street, I'm not all that familiar with Palmer, since the only time I go there is on hair day. Anyway, go into Palmer, turn left at the 4-way and they're on the left, a couple blocks down, just before the Country Cuts building. How's that for vague? hehe I was disappointed to hear they no longer make Sweet Mama, my favorite scent of all time, but fell in love with a new smell-Rise and Shine. Yummy!! It's so fresh and soft and sweet. I got a bottle of Body and Linen spray, and a lotion stick, which I think is such a smart way to apply fragrance.

So next time you're in Palmer, be sure to stop by Gladheart Acres.

There's a fun consignment store in the same building, called Anything Goes, Runway 49. She has some cute, trendy clothes and some fun vintage stuff, too. Prices are very reasonable, and the decor is really funky and fun.

Lastly, Valley Winery just opened a store at that location. They weren't open when I stopped, but I'm looking forward to next time. You can make your own wine, and they'll bottle it, age it, and even make custom labels for you.

Be sure and hit Bishop's Attic on Bailey, and B&G Thrift (on Main in the opposite direction, past all the bars) for good thrifting places, too. :)

Happy Wednesday!

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