Mint Truffle Pops

A little chocolatey goodness for St. Paddy's Day. I originally found the recipe on Bakerella's Blog. This is my chocolate-fied version of her yummy, minty creation. Wow, are these delish! And they're the easiest thing going. No baking whatsoever. I promise!

You basically crush mint oreos in a food processer, smash 'em up with some cream cheese, roll them in balls and dip them in chocolate. The flavor and texture is divine! Now the wheels are turning, and I'm wondering what other cookie-coating combos I can try.

While you're at Bakerella's blog, be sure and check out her Red Velvet cake balls. These do require some baking, but hear me when I tell ya, your efforts will be rewarded. To die for!

PS: Paul came up with the foam ball stand idea. Just cut a styrofoam ball in half and poke your dipped treats in for the perfect place to let them set up.

PPS: I bought the popsicle sticks at JoAnns.

PPPS: To make the green dots and stripes, I added a few drops of green food coloring to melted white chocolate. I do NOT recommend this, though. My velvety smooth chocolate turned to a thick, lumpy mess after I added the food coloring, resulting in the globby look of the green decorations. A better way to go would be to melt green candy discs, made expressly for that purpose. Live and learn.

PPPPS: Be sure and scroll down. I posted twice today!

OK, I'm officially out of P's. Time to sign off.
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Jenn aka boysmama said...

oh funny...I saw this on the Take Home Chef show...was totally bored becuase normally I don't like to cook. :) CUTE!

oh..and if I was to take an Alaskan cruise..what would be the best time of year?? :)

Jenn aka boysmama said...

oh and my little brother's fav is....spread peanut butter on a ritz cracker...top with another ritz cracker and dip in chocolate. :)

Kori said...

hey! they look yummy!
jee, just think of the things you and paul can do via web cam from miles away! ha ha

Sharona May said...

Very good! Yum. I think those are fun looking and most likely fantastic tasting.

lovesclay said...

I just bought dye specifically made for chocolate melts and am anxious to use it. I'm glad you posted that regular dye doesn't work. This will give a greater variety of colors to create with. Thank you for the mint truffle idea. I am teaching a group of young women a candy class and am going to try it.