Comes with AM/FM satellite radio

I call this "The Sexy Farmwife" (the apron, not me!). This one's actually sold, but I loved how it turned out and wanted to share. It's going to a newlywed...here's to a long, happy marriage!
So when I got Lizzy, she had a pretty substantial boo-boo on her front paw that needed attention. After taking her to see the vet, they decided it was a bacterial infection and prescribed antibiotics and an Elizabethan collar, to keep her from licking it anymore. Well, that lasted all of two days. She tore the collar to shreds trying to keep herself entertained in her kennel.
Sewing skills to the rescue! I pulled out some leftover "pleather" from an old Halloween project and traced the torn-up collar for a pattern. It's a little Cruella D'ville-ish, but I love it!
Maggie asked if she picked up any radio signals with it.

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