Random Tuesday Morning

So I've had a few people email to ask if I'm still scrapbooking. Yup. I am. But it gets put on the back burner in spring to make time for my other passion, which is gardening. I'm telling you, raking is almost as good as sex to me....almost. There's something about working in the dirt that is wholly satisfying to me. It just puts me at peace with my world.

Not to mention the black hole in my time-space continuum, otherwise known as puppy training. It's no wonder I've felt like I'm just spinning my wheels lately. Every time I turn around I'm either taking Lizzy out or I'm on the floor playing ball with her. She's got this irresistable pull that I just can't seem to break away from. I mean, come on. Who could resist that sweet face?

(click on the picture for a full view of her wrath, I mean, smile)

I think Ginger sensed that I was growing weary of Lizzy's many bathroom breaks, and offered to take her off my hands this morning. Granted, it was 4:30 am, and it really was just a ploy to take her outside and play frisbee, but her heart was in the right place. Seriously, the two of them ran to the door and whined to go outside, and I thought "wow, she's really getting this training thing down!" And instead of walking Lizzy out on her leash, like I normally do, I just let Ginger keep an eye on her. They must have realized they were unsupervised, because instead of heading to the potty spot, they took off for the lawn, grabbed the frisbee, and proceeded to chase each other around like maniacs. Did I mention it was 4:30 am?

See what I mean? I started off talking about scrapbooking, and now I'm rambling on about the puppy.

The llamas are good. Yentna's training is coming along. Her instinct to follow on halter is amazing. She's really comfortable on trails, but is super skittish on roads around traffic. And when she decides she's scared, it's all I can do to keep hold of her lead rope. She's a BIG girl and very strong. When she hikes with one of the other llamas, though, she's completely at ease. We've had some issues with her trying to establish her place in the herd...a couple scuffles with the other girls. So far, I've been able to get between them and break up the fights. I've been told it's all normal behviour, and not to worry, that they'd get it straightened out eventually.

Which brings me to the topic of poop. Llama poop, to be specific. The compost I started last fall is turning into the richest, blackest soil I've ever seen! I'm so stoked to plant some flowers in it and see how they do. I'm thinking of bagging up the surplus poop to sell, if anyone's interested. Just drop me an email. It can be added right into the garden soil or flower beds, or steeped in water, like tea, to spray directly on plants. It works like a natural herbicide, pesticide and fertilizer, all in one. I've been spraying my seed starts with it and they're growing like crazy!

I joined an apron swap over at A Feathered Nest, and have about a million different designs I want to try. Can I fit them all into one apron? heehee The theme is summer. I have a couple of apron orders to do, so maybe I'll get back into the sewing groove here pretty soon. It's just so hard to be inside when the weather is nice. Maybe I can park my sewing machine in the back yard? ;)

PSA: Go check out Farmer Julie's blog. She's a potter and makes the sweetest little vases to sell on Etsy. I'm going to get one of the white ones, I just can't decide which one.

OK, how's that for random? Have a terrific week!

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