Science Geeks, Springtime and Me at 40 :)

I'm so proud of my girls! They both love science so much, but especially Maggie. They entered projects in the science fair at their school last week, which means giving an oral presentation to a panel of judges. Maggie told me afterward she wasn't even nervous. This is HUGE for her. I'm SO proud. :) Her experiment was to compare two different homemade bubble recipes and find out which one produced longer lasting bubbles. Her hypothesis was the recipe that used more glycerin would make better bubbles, and she was right.

Sage's experiment compared two different brands of antibiotic ointment, and their germ-killing power. She used Neosporin, Equate brand and a "control" that had no ointment. Surprisingly, the control and the Equate looked like they had the same amount of germs, and the Neosporin had a lot fewer germs. So, spend the extra buck and buy the name brand!

Sage took the Grand Champion award in her age class for the school. Way to go, Sage!!
This week I cleaned up our shed and made a potting area for myself. I have always wanted one of those super-cool potting sheds like the "real" gardeners have. :) But this'll have to do. The whole thing started when I tried to fight my way through all the crap out there to find my potting soil from last year. One thing lead to another and before I knew it, I'd reorganized the whole mess and uncovered the old cabinets that we salvaged from my mom's house.
We're storing them there until we get our cabin built, where they'll be perfect in the kitchen. Until then, I'll be using them as a potting bench. After I took the picture, I scrounged around the garage and found the perfect sized scrap of plywood for a counter top.
The shelves are an upper cabinet turned so the doors are facing the back. It's perfect for my pots. Of course, since I took these pictures, I've used up all those pots planting some flower, herb and veggie seeds. 135 plants, to be exact. Fingers crossed they'll all sprout!

I thought I'd share a pic that Maggie took of me last month, around my 40th bday. I did it! I grew my hair out in time to turn 40. :) I sure wish I had photoshop so I could whiten my teeth and smooth out those forehead lines. lol Oh, well. Just keepin' it real.
I have some thrifty goodness to share tomorrow. :)

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