The Circle of Life

Yesterday morning as I was putting on my boots to go feed the llamas, I saw sweet Salcha lying on her side, obviously in distress. She'd been having trouble with digesting hay recently, and had given us a few scares, but this time was different. I could see right away she was losing the fight to live. For the second time in just a few months, I had to make the heartwrenching decision to end the suffering of one of my precious animals. I hate this part of owning pets. There just isn't anything good about it. Part of me wonders if God sent Hazel kitty to us with her sweet, tiny babies to help ease some of the sadness that was coming. Each of the kids dealt with losing Salcha by cuddling the new kittens for awhile.

Salcha was a good llama. She was small, and had a lame back leg, so she didn't pack or go on many walks. But she had a wonderful disposition, the most beautiful dark chocolate eyes, and eyelashes to die for. I knew she'd always be the first one up in the morning, and took the longest to eat. Long after the other girls were full, she'd still be nibbling on her hay. I'll miss her.

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