Thursday Randomocity

Sage is looking very thirteen these days. Slow down, girly! You're making me look old. She got a fresh new 'do for summer yesterday. Something about this picture...I can finally see myself in her. And I can see my mom.

Summer skies...there's nothing better! (click on the pictures to see them full size) I took this on my nightly walk with the dogs yesterday evening.
Meet Smith Kitty. She's the noisiest of the kittens (I should mention that tiny little Wesson didn't survive. After being unable to nurse enough to sustain herself, she passed away two days ago.) Ruger and Red Ryder are definitely boys. I adore Smith's "beauty mark" next to her nose. Sweet! Oh my goodness, these little furballs are so much fun to watch.

Two of my favorite summer plants: Devil's Club...

and fern. We are crowded with these on the trail behind our house. Paul wanted to know why I'd take a picture of Devil's Club. Most people hate the stuff. I say you have to respect anything that wears a coat of thorns!

Told ya this was a random post. I wanted to add a few more pics, but stinkin' Blogger isn't letting me. I guess you're off the hook...for now.

I planted a new bed of perennials this week that I'm super excited about! Two gorgeous Peonies, some ornamental grasses, some spurge, rock cress, spirea and a couple of annuals to fill in with until the new ones mature. I added a couple of herbs (dill and tarragon) for height in the back. I've never had good luck with them for some reason, though, so not holding out too much hope.

Almost everything I started from seed this year looks like crap, including the veggies, so I had to finally give up on them and go buy some decent plants at the nursery. Bummer. I went ahead and planted the tiny veggie seedlings in the raised bed, but I'm not expecting much from them. So much for fresh salads this summer. :(

I'll share some pics of the new perennial bed in the next post. Does anyone know if Peonies need special care? Someone in line at the nursery mentioned they needed ants to pollenate the blooms. Is that true?

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