Coolest Mom on the Block

For today, at least. ;) Take $2.50 worth of PVC pipe and fittings and a $1.50 bag of mini-marshmallows and it adds up to hours of manic outdoor fun!

While I was surfing yesterday, I ended up on You Tube watching Marshmallow Gun videos and decided that was just what we needed to beat the crappy weather blues. These were super easy.

You need:

36" of 1/2" PVC (Lowes sells 5' sections)
2 slip-on "T" fittings
2 slip-on elbow fittings
2 slip-on caps

Cut the pipe into these lengths, using a handsaw:


Fit them together so it looks like the picture below. Be sure to cut one of the 4" sections from the finished end of the pipe, so you'll have a nice, smooth piece for the mouthpiece. You can sand off any rough edges using sandpaper or a file.

Now it's ready for plastic spray paint, tape, stickers, markers...whatever you want to use to doll it up.

Gently push one or two mini marshmallows into the mouthpiece and BLOW HARD! You'll be surprised just how far these little guys fly! The dogs were having a blast chasing down the flying treats.

Don't glue the joints together, so you can take it apart to free up any jams.

If the barrel gets gummed up, just drop a little cornstarch into it, reassemble, and blow it out.

The kids and I each made one and seriously played outside forever with them last night. I'm sure the neighbors think we're nuts.

I did a little thrifting yesterday and scored this cabinet and sink for the girls' bathroom! So excited to pick this up, NEW, for $45! It needs a little cleanup, but other than that, it's in perfect condition. I'll be so happy to get rid of their FUGLY brown 80's sink.

In kitty news, all the kittens have been adopted! Ruger went to live with a friend of Paul's, and Daisy and Smith went together to live with a family of eight. I was SO happy they stayed together. Sage took these pics of them the day we delivered them to their new family.

I'll miss the little fuzzballs!

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Malphi said...

OH so cute...always hard to let little Kitties go but I'm sure they're of for some great new adventures!