Lizzy in the Hizzy, Yo!

First off, Happy 45th Birthday to Paul! I love you, honey!

(I was laughing so hard taking this picture, that it's a little out of focus...)

Betcha didn't know my dawg could break dance. Check it. heehee OK, I'll stop. Seriously, whenever Lizzy sees a shadow move, she goes into hip-hop mode and does this crazy dance routine.

First she eyes up the shadow to get a feel for the rhythm.

Then she plants her head firmly on the floor.

Then she scratches furiously while spinning in a circle. Really, you'd need video to get the full effect, but she's afraid of the camera. Maybe I'll try to catch her with my phone.

It's entertaining, for sure, but it's gonna come to a screeching halt very soon. And this is why:

We're replacing all the carpet with laminate!!

I'm BEYOND excited to get this done. I hate, no, that's not a strong enough word, DETEST carpet. It never feels clean. It hold smells. I just can't stand it! So we got aged hickory for the living room and craft room and a gorgeous tile laminate that looks like limestone for the dining room and kitchen. My installer (Paul) isn't available for a couple of weeks. He's in pretty high demand at his "day job". ;) So next time he's home we're going to rip out this stinky old carpet in put in the nice shiny new laminate!

The llamas are doing great. Yentna has found her place in the herd as the #2 girl. Kiska is happy to be at the bottom of the list. She's such a sweetheart. There was some back and forth between Tyea and Yetti for awhile, but they've got it figured out now. Age and wisdom won out over sass and youth. ;)

I'll wrap up this recap with some very sad news. We had to put Ginger down this week. She was 11 (or so) and had a wonderful life with us for the past 9 years. She was by far the best dog I've ever had. Always a great friend. We miss you, Ginger.
So that's been my life over the past month or so. Kids are doing great in school. Sage was a cheerleader, and captain of her squad, for about 5 minutes before she decided it really wasn't for her.

Maggie's taking English riding lessons once a week. She looks like she was born to sit on a horse.

Sam switched schools, so he's no longer in the charter school. His reading and spelling are coming along. He's much more willing to pick up a book and read for fun. Now if we can just get him to pick up a pencil for fun. :)

Me, I'm doing the mom thing. Lots of picking up and dropping off and keeping schedules straight. It makes me happy. :)

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