Sleep is Overrated.

If this post seems a little random, it's because I composed it at 3am, figuring I'd bore myself back to sleep with my rambling. It didn't work. Winnie was crying to go outside, and I made the mistake of thinking "I'll just check my email while I'm waiting for her to come back in." One email led to another and here I am posting about nothing.

So if you're interested in the mundane details of my life the past week....

Here's Maggie putting the angel on top of the tree. It was her turn this year. And trust me, they remember whose turn it is year to year.

And if you don't believe me, here's Maggie throwing down a gang sign when I tried to argue with her about whose turn it was this year. "Yo, Mom. You best step OFF the tree topper, yo." How'd you like my attempt at speaking gang-ese? OK, I promise never to do that again.

Sending this pic out to my honey. Hurry up and get home. Your chair's getting cold. And Winnie misses you.

On a completely different topic, I'm on the hunt for employment. And can I just say, it ain't as easy as it used to be to land a job. There is a TON of competition for very the few decent paying jobs out there. That, and I'd rather have ten root canals than to go on an interview. Ugh. I should be good at selling myself by now, but it still is as painfully awkward as a first date. I mean, how do you answer "what's your biggest weakness" without giving them something to misconstrue? I am always tempted to answer with "chocolate", but you never can tell if someone actually has a sense of humor or not.

So wish me luck! And if anyone has any interview tips, I'd be ever so grateful.

OK, I think I've dragged you through my discombobulated thoughts for long enough. Thanks for keeping me company this morning.

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