The day after I posted my last blog entry, all heck broke loose here. The short of it is, Maggie was thrown from the horse at her riding lesson and broke her right ankle. She had surgery the following Saturday and they inserted two screws to hold the ankle together. She'll be in a cast for about 6 weeks, then they'll remove the screws.

Can I just say, I've had enough emergencies for a lifetime now? Back-to-back injuries is just about more than I can stomach. My poor babies!!

She's doing OK with it, and is off the strong pain meds and just takes advil when she needs it. She's going to try half days at school starting Monday.

I have pictures to share, but I'm posting from Paul's computer, so I'll have to post them next time.

Nothing crafty or fun to share...sorry. I've been pretty much consumed with taking care of Magster. Needless to say, I haven't stepped foot in the craft room to start gutting it. Maybe next week when kiddos are all in school.

Take care!

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