funny kid {q} of the day

so i'm on the moon talking to a friendly alien (aka: counter person at the auto parts store) about a thingamagig and a doohickey that paul needed to fix somethingorother. after checking and re-checking the list i'd scrawled onto my left palm, i gratefully announced: "that's all i need. that was pretty painless." to which the alien-clerk replied: "we try." {insert condescending smirk here} when from another galaxy not-so far away a little voice proclaimed: "and he didn't even jack with you, mom." {insert long, uncomfortable silence here} rewind to earlier that day: phone conversation between paul and me: "ok, so you need 2 whatevers and 1 whatchamacallit. how am i going to know if they're jacking with me?" gotta love those little gems. :)

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