up @ 4:45am

ahhh, the house is quiet, the sun isn't up yet, and there's a fresh pot of coffee brewing. this is where you'll find me most mornings...doing a quick email check, then off to 2p's to see what's up in the pub. then, depending on how early the kids are up, i'll either get in a quick workout on the gazelle, or start on the day's to-do list {usually laundry, errands, etc} and save my workout for bedtime when i can sweat un-interrupted. there's nothing worse than having to answer a gajillion kid questions when you're gasping for air to begin with!
so i thought i'd start this blog adventure with a big shout out to my good friend and scrap sistah kori b, who was just chosen to be a design team member for http://creativexpress.com!! not only is kori ultra-talented and mondo-inspirational, but she's an awesome friend. Miss ya, girlie! the {me} layout i did recently was inspired by kori's fun, ecclectic style. You're the best!

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