a big day for me :)

so, today is the big day! i start my new job working from home. my workspace is cleared off and begging me to come and create! but first i have a little more post-camping clean-up to tackle. why, oh why, is the time it takes to clean up afterword so disproportionate to the time actually spent camping?? we had a great time, even though it sprinkled most of the time. even in the rain, i love to sit by the fire. there is something so relaxing about the smell, the glow and the crackling sounds of a campfire. sam, of course, was glued to his dad's side the whole weekend. weekends go by way too fast. by tuesday sam is already asking paul when his next day off is. sage and her new friend ashley were insperable, too, and tore up the campsite on the 4 wheeler most of the day. maggie snapped some wonderful pictures. paul hooked into a good-sized king on his 5weight flyrod and fought it for over an hour before the salmon snapped his line. check out the splash! maggie constantly amazes me with the pictures she takes! she definitely has "the eye" for it. time to go to work. have i mentioned how much i love my job?!

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