mmmm, peach iced tea! i found a new yummy summertime drink AND it's sugarfree. it comes in the little single-serving pouches that you mix with a bottle of water. easy AND delish. went a little crazy at oldnavy.com this morning doing back-to-school shopping. got some cute, cute stuff for the kids. online shopping is the WAY to go with my two girls. no lines, no dressing rooms, no begging, pleading and public pleas for ultra-lowrise pants. why, oh why, do they make those things in kids' sizes, anyway? they should come with a PG13 rating, for goodness sake! i want my girls to look like girls, not women. heck, most women have no business in some of those pants, either! sam is easy to shop for. if it has a skater on it or it's camo, he'll wear it. even better if it's both. just because i can, here's a picture for the day: there's this awesome wood carving place just outside ninilchik where we stopped on the way home from clamming last weekend. the kids posed with all the fun animals and rode the carousel. these carvings were amazing! alrighty, back to work. i'm playing with a new medium that i think has BIG possibilities!! i'm so jazzed about how samples are coming along.

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