bunnies and ducks and teeth, oh my!

what a busy day at our house! we have a new addition! meet calico, or callie for short. she's an 8-week old holland lop. what a sweetie! but how in the world did i get talked into bringing her home? still scratching my head over that one. lol she loves to be held and cuddled and likes to have her feet rubbed. a girl after my own heart. lol

i worked on a new layout today using some pictures from two years ago. my good friend erica took my kids to the creek to feed the ducks one day and snapped some cute shots for me. papers are wild aspargus (dot) and lil davis (text), letter stickers, flower charm, epoxy bubble-lil davis. The black and white letter stickers are from the grocery store. lol roughed 'em up a little using tape to lift off some of the black. happy, happy with the result. :)

and lastly, sage lost a molar tonight, so the let's hope the tooth fairy stays awake long enough to pay her a visit later. ;)

better sign off and tuck in my kiddos.


kori said...

awh, i love this one! way cute! didn't know wild asp. made that red polka dot paper...too cute! hey, i used those hardware store letters on that dream layout...but bought the big ones...even have some HUGE ones. love em'! CUTE bunny! guess ya gotta be a hero sometimes...:) lol

Alexandra Wieckowski said...

Your bunny looks so sweet :) Your layout looks great! Did the tooth fairy make it?

Ashley said...

Sweet little bunny.... She looks very much like the dwarf french lop, Murphy, I had when I was little. :)

Great layout! :)