the old switcheroo

k...so i realized something funny about myself today. i love to switch brands. doesn't matter what it is. i just don't like to buy the same brand of something over and over again. i found myself wishing i hadn't bought the BIG box of laundry detergent so i could hurry up and switch to a different kind. weird, i know. it's the same with toothpaste, shampoo, basically ALL my household stuff. it's kinda the same with my scrapping style. i'll do something a couple times, then i'll NEVER repeat it again. i'm constantly searching for the next new "brand". guess i chose the right career in product design, because now i have a reason for the constant change. :) always looking for the next big thing.
speaking of product design... i have had a couple sneak peeks at some of our new stuff for memory trends...omg!! i'm totally excited! we are gonna rawk the show floor, man! and i have even more fun stuff up my sleeve for the next release. ;)
stay tuned for new 'do pics tomorrow!! heading to the Beehive to see Jessica for a drastic 'do update. thinking i want a chocolate color with some honey highlights. or maybe i'm just having a sweet craving? lol
stinkin' tooth fairy bagged on us last night. man, he is SO fired. (yep, at our house, the tooth fairy is a dude wearing a leather bomber hat) he's been known to be as many as 3 days late, though, so there's still hope. alrighty, here's the picture de jour: this is my mom and her two brothers and sister, and i want to say she told me they were picking some type of berries? My mom is the girl leaning over. dig the hats! so if any tech-savvy readers out there would care to help me turn this into a banner i'd be oh-so grateful!

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