good days and

GRRRR. stinkin' blogger would not let me post yesterday! i'm sure you were all hangin' on the edge of your seats waiting for my latest post. ;)

yesterday was an awesome day! to recap:

got lotsa laundry done AND put away.
took the kids to the farmers market and bought some edible pod peas. yumm.
made the weekly trip to the library. always a highlight. :)
found a scrumptious new place for soup and homemade bread...bluebonnet bakery. sam kept calling it a "cowboy cafe". it was a little general store/eatery and the soup was to die for.
registered the kids for school. SO excited! the girls' classroom was PINK and PURPLE. lol!! not my personal favorites but it won maggie over with a quickness.

so...as i posted once before, the kids' library choices are always quite enlightening. i really need to pay closer attention while we're AT the library and not wait until we get home to see what they chose. to my suprise, maggie checked out two books on sex. yep, my eight year old, exTREMEly shy daughter had no qualms about checking out sex ed books on HER OWN library card. wow. needless to say, we had "the talk" last night. it actually went really well and was pretty painless for me. whew. the books helped a lot. lol

funny kid quote of the day: upon seeing his teacher for the first time, sam whispers (thank goodness!) "mom, she's older than i thought she'd be". me: "sam, she's not THAT old" sam: "yeah she is. she's kinda crinkly". omg.

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