land, ho!

yippee!! we finally were able to purchase some land for our cabin!! 5 acres just north of talkeetna, not too far off a main road. we'll have to 4-wheel in, but there's an established trail to within 1/4 mile of our lot. we have a view of mt. mckinley!!! i should have pics to share after this weekend. it's a great snowmachining area, moose hunting, trapping...we should be able to keep our freezer full this winter. :) the first thing i'm doing is scouting out the perfect spot for my hammock. i think i'll be doing lots of reading on the long weekends up north. :)

a funny thing about rabbits...they grind they're teeth when they're content. happy to learn this because cali-girl is a major teeth-grinder and we thought she was stressed out. lol

funny kid quote for the day: conversation between sam and me

sam: mom, do we have that book of rules from school (the school handbook)? me: yep, sam. why?
sam: because i can't remember all the rules of school. ::pause::
sam: you know what, mom? i don't need that rule book!
me: why not, sam?
sam: because i'm going to be gooder than better!


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