hmmm, not much to blog about today except maybe what a totally awesome, fulfilling, satisfying day i had yesterday. it was a get 'er done kinda day. just to recap: got lots of cleaning/organizing done around house and in scrap room, found tons of new inspirational new blogs and sites to peruse, brainstormed 3 new ideas for products. i had an epiphany, too...if my house is in order, my brain is free to be creative. if i'm behind in my house-stuff, i feel stifled, preoccupied. what better reason to keep up on my cleaning? it's a big payoff of this working at home gig. :) which, by the way, totally rocks. i was a little concerned about putting in the full eight hours each day...but i'm finding it easier and easier to put in even MORE time each day.
so, i came up with a yummy, healthy snack yesterday that the kids totally dig. peel a sweet potato, and cook it until fork-tender in the microwave (careful not to overcook), then slice it into about 1/4" slices. heat 2 tbs. of oil in a skillet, toss in potato slices. sprinkle on your favorite cajun seasoning (i love stubbs rub), cinnamon&sugar, and salt. brown potatoes on both sides. they'll be sweet and spicy and crispy but soft on the inside. YUMMY! they'd be a great sidedish to a steak, chicken or porkchops, or with a burger.
here's another yummy we had this week: cajun chicken w/ lime dipping sauce. easy, easy. just cook up some boneless, skinless chicken tenderloins on the grill or in a skillet generously seasoned w/ stubbs rub. during last 3 mins. of cook time, drizzle w/ juice of 1/2 a lime. for the dipping sauce: 1 C. sour cream, 1 tbs. lime zest, juice of 1/2 lime, sprinkle of garlic powder, dash of salt. combine. (this would be good w/ some chopped cilantro, but i didn't have any)
i'm totally stoked to say i'm scrapping this weekend!! gonna do some of those "just for me" projects. :)
k, time to share some inspiration: go to these sites for some rawkin' good ideas: http://www.redvelvetart.com/index.htm
that should keep ya busy for awhile. :) some are funky some are just plain good for your soul. wendy speciale is an uplifting read, every single day. i love how brave in her faith she is. and here's a pic, just cuz i love that feature of bloggin' so much. :) this is my mom as a teenager. scary how much i look like her, huh? love you, mom!!

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