a mag, a hike and a message

so i picked up the premiere issue of www.dominomag.com and it is chock full of inspiration. love it. the typography is amazing and the colors, well, they are smokin'! the best part...they include a page of post-it flags so you can mark the pages you like. sweet.

getting ready for a little hike today and am hoping the good weather holds out. we're heading up to the talkeetna area to check out some land that's for sale. fingers crossed this is "the one" because you can actually drive to it w/o having to snowmachine or atv in.

something happened the other day that i just can't seem to stop thinking about. the kids and i were on our way into the video store and i was holding the door open for them when a man in a wheelchair came around the corner of the deck. i know my mouth dropped open slightly. he literally had the lower half of his body missing. not just his legs, but part of his torso. but that wasn't what sticks in my mind. what i can't shake is how happy his eyes were when he said "nope, i'm OK" to me after i offered to hold the door open for him. he had the kindest, most honest eyes i've even seen. in my mind i was screaming to myself "OK? how can you be OK?" when nothing could possibly be OK in his life. his hair and beard were wild and long, he wore bdu's that were faded and torn and he had an old, beat up wheelchair. and he was missing half his body. now, maybe it bothered me so much because i'd just talked to stevan about the bombing. maybe because i'd spent the morning feeling sorry for myself because once again i'm counting pennies for the next couple of weeks. maybe because the biggest thing on my mind lately is where to buy school clothes for the kids that won't make them look so "valley". whatever the reason, i know i saw him for a reason. so i'm trying to not just push it out of my mind, but to really try to understand the message that was sent to me through those eyes.

and here's a pic for today: "if you give a kid a camera..." these totally crack me UP!! just a snippet of the 50-odd self-portraits maggie took awhile back.

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Jennifer Stewart said...

What a wonderful entry :) And yes, that man in the wheelchair could teach a lot of us something about daily thanks and happiness :)

Thank you for sharing that!