could i BE any crabbier today?!

sheesh! and no particular reason for it, either. trying hard to shake it off. we put on offer on the property we looked at yesterday! excited to hear whether they'll accept or not. funny thing happened on the way to the lot...heehee...we weren't quite sure where it was and couldn't get a good view from the trail, so paul thought he'd be slick and climb a tree to get a better view. well, somewhere along the way he got into a bee's nest and was stung 15 times! not so funny to him, but hilarious to the rest of us as we ran down the trail laughing our heads off. he was swatting and flailing his arms and yelling ouch, ouch, ouch at the top of his lungs!!! sam got stung twice, because of course he had to be right there by his dad trying to climb the stinkin' tree. what am i going to do with these silly boys of mine? got my box'o'goodies from old navy today. everything is too cute AND all the sizes are right. score! got myself this sweater and a couple other l/s t's for layering. winter clothes are my favorite! got the girls set up to do chores for the neighbor's horses. they have a yearling foal who needs to be walked and lots and lots of manure to shovel. ;) it should be good for both of them, but especially to help maggie develop some confidence. alrighty, been puttin' off dinner long enough. better get at it.

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