a little bit 'o me

i'm so amped about the ideas i'm working on!! i love this part of the process...going from random thought to sketch to full-color interpretation. one of my favorite parts is injecting humor wherever i can into my designs. it might be an inside joke, or outright funny phrase or word. but i love making the ideas personal and meaningful. and i have a hard time taking things seriously. it's just not "me". it's like giving the designs a personality of their own...or MY own. at any rate, it's seriously fun and fulfilling and i'm lovin' it! i've started carrying a digi camera in my purse to snap pictures of ideas i see. thinkin' i want a camera phone.
made a library run today...the kids always manage to surprise me with some of their reading choices. sam not so much this time around. he chose "trout, trout, trout", "alaskan boats", and other outdoorsy, manly selections. heehee sage got more horse books...no surprise there. but maggie picked up one on braids and up-do's...this from the girl who refuses to let me touch her hair. ever. wears it stick straight daily. she has now declared to let her hair grow out. who knew? it's like a peek into their little brains when you look at their library book selections.
i've been steadily praying for guidance on what to do about the kids' school this year. i finally came to the decision that if sam doesn't get into the charter school, i'll send them all three to their old school. i just can't see splitting them up for a year or more. i'm expecting a call with their decision this week. just know my decision is made has really been a burden lifted. either way, they'll all go to the same school.
we should hear from the seller on the Talkeetna property by week's end. fingers crossed our offer is accepted!!

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