so i scrolled through all 76 pages of art journals here- written down -and my old favorites still are the ones that caught my eye. donna downey, cathy z, marilyn healey. liz eaton was a nice surprise. loved her stuff. she's a designer for heidi swapp. i met her at cha...really quiet, but i could tell she was a neat person. check out the banner pic of her studio.
i love the idea of keeping a 20 week journal but know as sure as i'm sitting here that i'd start one and bag it around week 3 or 4. do i know myself or what? ;)

thought i'd blog just cuz i'm stranded here for the rest of the day. why, you ask? because sam thought it'd be a good idea to lock the van...with my purse and keys inside. stinker. a friend had just called and invited us to go swimming off her dock, too, man. i'm bummed. so just knowing he's missing out on swimming was punishment enough for the kid. that and his sisters glaring at him all afternoon. ;)

i'm thinking about joining the 'picture a day' challenge that the garden girls have going on. why not? that i think i could manage. haha decided i'm taking the leap to digi, too. i'm sold, man. love it. now to decide which camera.

didn't find much about the charter school except that sam's next on the list. so we need someone to move. or die. *gasp* did i say that? strike that last comment.

still waiting for word from the realtor, too. what, did everyone take the day off?

check out mark tucker photography. is this guy amazing or what? i want half his photog. skills. his road trips are such a kick. wouldn't you love to just jump in the car and go explore somewhere new for the sole purpose of getting some amazing photos?

k...better go get my poop in a pile (to quote my good friend kori) and get something creative going. oh, here's a pic for today: missing my scrap sistahs SO much! darjon, kori and sallie (not in the picture).


Anonymous said...

hi michelle....sorry i haven't responded to your blog...easier to send a quick e-mail :) lol it's fun to read your blog though...wish i could just keep up with everything. too much going on right now with vacation/company etc... i sure do miss you girls too!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm still not entirely sure what blogging is, but I'm rolling with the punches. I used to be so computer savvy, now I'm the person help desks dread! Love the picture - wish I would have been there! Hey, what's the story about michelledotcom?
more later,