random happiness...

just some things that are making me smile today:

1. emails from good friends
2. the way paul talks to the dog in the morning while he gets ready for work (although he proclaims utter disdain for her, he's awfully chatty with her in the mornings...lol)
3. sam offering to refill my coffee for me...too sweet.
4. calendars, schedules, lists...love them!
5. waking to the sound of rain on the metal roof
6. breaking out the sherpa slippers...brrrr, it's chilly in the morning now!
7. finding the coolest antique store on saturday while with paul, the whole time making my "secret" mental shopping list for when i return there husband-less. i get giddy just ThINkinG about it.
8. school starts a week from tomorrow!!
9. having the itch to scrap
10. having a fire in my scrap room...i LOVE to work next to a fire.

so what makes you smile TODAY?


Heather D. White said...

LOVE the theme of your entry today!!! Such a great thing to do....and to do daily as a reminder about how many things we are surrounded by that make us happy. For me, getting my son in his big-boy-bed and seeing his extreme JOY about it!! YAY! I love that. Thanks for a great blog entry today!

Heather D. White said...

Oops.....lol...typed the wrong thing for my address.