sam took his first trip to the ER for stitches last night. first of many, i'll wager. as i sat here reading blogs after dinner last night, the three of them came screaming through the house "emergency, EMERGENCY!!!" which of course, i ignored. my rule? no blood, no fire, no emergency. took me a while to see the blood. lol sage actually had the situation pretty well under control, and it wasn't until i heard "my shoe is full of blood!" that i thought i'd better get up and go check it out.

one peek at the gaping wound and mushy leg tissue hanging out and i knew we'd be heading into the ER.

thank goodness paul finally made it home from work, just as we were cleaning him up. he butterflied it and to my surprise, agreed it needed stitches. three, to be exact. sam was hoping he'd beat stevan's last wound of 4 stitches (this is NOT a contest i'm thrilled about)...so we're going to fudge the numbers a little when he calls next time. :)

we never really did figure out how he hurt himself, but we think he fell on a big rock, judging by how swollen it was around the gash.

he's all kinds of excited about starting kindergarten with stitches. lol

so the topic of allowance has finally come up in our house. i devised a chore schedule for the kids, made a color-coded calendar and posted it on the fridge. we're starting with one chore each, each week. i have no idea what the going rate for allowance is? any suggestions? does it go by age? amount of chores?

i don't want the kids thinking that they're being "paid" to do chores, because there are other things they are expected to do outside of the chore schedule that won't affect their allowance. but they will be penalized if they miss a day during their week. does that send the right message? i kind of waffle on the whole chore issue. they're never had "chores", per say, but i do ask them to pitch in with a few things here and there, and they're usually pretty good about helping w/o fussing too much. if there's anything i'm lax about, it's this. i don't ever want my kids to feel like indentured servants, but rather i'd like to teach them to have pride in their home (esp. their bedroom) and see the value in cleaning up after themselves. not sure how successful i've been. lol anyway...i'm rambling. the chore schedule begins 9/4...so we'll see how it goes!

i'm open to suggestions re: the amount of allowance! the kids are 10,8 & 6.

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