I have a fan!!

it's been a little while since i posted, and i'm not sure i even have anything earthshaking to share even now. lol

we're all making the adjustment to the new school, and each time i volunteer in the girls' classroom it reaffirms my faith in the decision i made to move them there. sam is an ACE kindergartener. SO proud of him. i admit to being a little nervous about how he'd behave in a full-sized class setting. but he's always one of the first to raise his hand (they signal the teacher when she asks for quiet) and he gets right to work on assignments and, well, i could go on and on, but you get the picture. i'm PROUD. and relieved. lol

and the girls are FLYING through world map studies. by the end of the year, they will be able to pinpoint 360 cities, countries, continents, beaches, seas and oceans around the world on a blank world map. i can't even do that. lol

so...on to fun stuff! taught a k.i.s.s.* class last thursday night (*keep it simple, sister) i forgot how fun it was to see people get excited about projects and learn a new technique or two. :) it was a 3-layout class, and we wrapped it up in just over an hour. it was GOOD! played with the lil davis foam stamps and the fastenator stapler. very cool gizmo. getting ready for the next one on oct. 20.

i went to a crop/surprise party last night at my lss. fun, fun, fun!! actually got some stuff done! worked on projects for the next class, and did a couple of layout kits to sell. laughed until i cried, too many times to count. i needed it. i feel rejuvenated. and inspired!!

i got to work on writing a description for the packaging on my products for memory trends. o.m.g. so it must be real? in less than a month i will be standing in front of a display of designs that fell out of my head! i can't wait to share it with my family & friends. i've been talking about it for over a year now and i'm sure they're like, enough already! lol

since paul's gone until tuesday hunting, it's going to be a scrap marathon weekend. :) i have a few new product ideas i want to tinker with and do up some samples of...nothing gets my motor going more than a new idea!!!!!

alrighty then. off to unpack from the crop last night and find a comfy spot in my workroom. have a wonderful weekend. go scrap some...it's good for the soul.

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Heather D. White said...

YAY! You're back! I definitely missed reading your blog! I am so thrilled that the girls are enjoying their class more now. Sounds like they are doing incredible. As for naming that many cities...I can't do that either. LOL! So they're ahead of me. Also CONGRATS on your new product. I can't WAIT to see it. DO you have a website? I would love to check it out! Sounds like your classes were great. Wish you were close so I could attend one of your classes. I'm a newbie to stamping, so I like to have as many opportunities to play with them as possible. Hope you have a wonderful week and I'm so glad you're BACK! YAY!