monday, monday!

I love Mondays! I love my weekly rountine. My quiet time in the morning with just my coffee and my computer. It's my time to plan my day, to reflect on the weekend, to reconnect with friends via email. And to get to work. I SO look forward to my job every day. What a blessing.

We have some exciting stuff happening in '06! I can't wait to share details!

On the homefront, it looks like all the kids are well again...but now Paul and I are sick. Hey, at least they shared, right?

Christmas shopping is DONE! I just need to bake some cookies this week for Paul's coworkers, do some wrapping, then I'm ready for the weekend. :)

From jenni's blog : "How was your weekend?" It was full of shopping, shopping and more shopping! Plus a visit to my mom's to help decorate her house for Christmas. Sunday we tag-team shopped with the kids. It's the kids' chance to get their gifts for each other and for us. It's such a blast! Then I wrapped up the weekend by giving the husband and the little son haircuts. It was crazy, hectic, wonderful.

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Heather D. White said...

No fun being sick. We had a round of sickness last week and are fortunately over it. Hope you guys are feeling better and can enjoy the holiday. Can't wait to hear all of your exciting news in 2006! YAY! Merry Christmas Michelle!